January 11, 2014

Lady Felicia's outfits in BBC's Father Brown (2012-13)

Having not read the books on which the television show is based, I had no expectations of BBC's adaptation of Father Brown and chose to dismiss the negative reviews before I had a chance to judge it for myself. And I'm glad I did because after ploughing through fifteen episodes in the course of an equally long flight, I've decided that it's not nearly as inane or poorly produced as some naysayers claim. Granted, it can't measure up to the caliber of detective-show heavyweights like Poirot, Marple, Morse, among others, but it does satisfy the sleuthing itch when one is devoid of better alternatives.

father.brown.title I haven't taken to Father Brown like I did to the aforementioned characters - he's just not all that interesting nor unique and at times, can come off exceedingly annoying. The murder cases are not complicated and the characters appear even less so; the show can't seem to decide if it wants to be a comedy or a drama series and often veers into the unfortunate territory of "camp." BUT despite all of that, I still find myself enjoying it, if only for the gorgeous costumes, particularly the dresses donned by Lady Felicia, a minor character who pops in and out on occasion, usually just at the moment when a handsome stranger strolls into town. And it is Lady Felicia's wardrobe that is the focus of today's post! As a wealthy socialite with a wandering eye and a frequently-absent husband, Lady Felicia is actually my favorite out of all the characters on the show. And yes, her clothes are responsible for the majority of this bias. Just look at these!

Light green and blue striped satin dress. 

Bold red dress, black gloves, oversize clutch, and straw hat father.brown.lady.felicia.red.dress1


The scarf is timeless. father.brown.lady.felicia.green.scarf1

Light olive green satin dress with damask stripes. I want this fabric for my curtains...father.brown.lady.felicia.light.green.stripes1


Beautiful green patterned dress with a fur stole, black gloves and large clutch father.brown.lady.felicia.green.dress.fur.stole1


Here's the same dress without the fur stole covering up the lovely scalloped neckline. father.brown.lady.felicia.green.dress2

Burnt red-orange sundress with cute button details.

Lady Felicia is often found with drinks in hand, sometimes two...Very pretty lace dress topped with a light yellow fur capelet. father.brown.lady.felicia.white.lace.dress

Here's the same lace dress without the capelet. father.brown.lady.felicia.white.lace.dress2

Oh, look, more champagne! father.brown.lady.felicia.cropped.yellow.fur2

Cute red belt buckle. father.brown.lady.felicia.cropped.yellow.fur1

You can't see this dress all that well but it's a gorgeous and iridescent dark redddish brown satin with small polka dots. father.brown.lady.felicia.iridescent.brown

A cream coloured ensemble. I like how the belt is made from the same material as the dress. father.brown.lady.felicia.ivory.dress.coat

Love the bright yellow shoes! And the cream/light blue/yellow colour combination. father.brown.lady.felicia.yellow.coat

A close-up of the top half of the previous outfit. Love the ribbed texture of the yellow coat.father.brown.lady.felicia.yellow.jacket.teacup

She likes to wear red a lot! father.brown.lady.felicia.red.suit.dress

I love the lapels on this suit jacket. And the white blouse underneath (which we don't get to see unfortunately). father.brown.lady.felicia.beige.pinstriped

A full-length view of the beige suit dress. father.brown.lady.felicia.beige.pinstriped2

Mauve dress with white polka dots, gloves & clutch. (Once again she spots a handsome stranger). father.brown.lady.felicia.pink.white.dress

Armed with flowers and a raunchy classic, Lady Felicia shows up at the hospital to visit the handsome, bedridden stranger who, according to the nurses, is "quite dashing under the sheets." father.brown.lady.felicia.chatterley.book2

Even though this blog entry is mostly about Lady Felicia, I wanted to include some miscellaneous images of a few of the other characters whose outfits I also loved.

Loved this lavender dress with the tiny white polka dots. Notice the small bow at the bottom of the bustline. She wore it with white gloves and carried a small white handbag (which isn't pictured). Very Grace Kelly-like. father.brown.mayors.wife.lavender.polka.dot.dress1
The bottom skirt was poofy, with many layers underneath. It fluttered beautifully every time the wind blew. father.brown.mayors.wife.lavender.polka.dot.dress2

I like the button detail in the front of Suzie's dress here. father.brown.suzie.floral.dress

Let's go a bit artsy bohemian, shall we? father.brown.girl.artsy.beret

What adorable curls. father.brown.girl.blond.curls

Lovely way to dress up the lapels on a cardigan sweater. father.brown.woman.cardigan.lapels

Even though the Father Brown stories written by G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936) were originally set during the 1920s, the show seems to have taken a more lenient attitude regarding the clothes historically accurate to that period. (Not to mention the manner of speech....) In all, it's as if the characters were living and speaking in the modern era but dressed in vintage inspired clothes. [update: I'm told the show changed the era to the 1950s...which now makes more sense and the clothing styles more appropriate!]

Hope you enjoyed these images. Have a wonderful [belated] New Year's and stay warm! 


Thank you for another great post after such a long break! I haven't posted here before but I wanted to let you know that I really love your blog posts. You see such beautiful details that I would never normally notice. Please keep them coming, your posts really are the perfect way to spend a sweet Sunday morning (or any other time for that matter!) :)

What kinds of hats are those? I've been meaning to Google them, but I don't know their names.

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I really like your blog. The ladies in the pictures look so amazing in those colourful dresses. I do not actually watch the show but the people working there have some pretty nice choices of clothes. Thank you for sharing this and looking forward for more.

Thanks for the post. My wife and I have recently "adopted" Father Brown as our favorite du jour, as it hits the narrow slice of TV-land that we both enjoy. Not too heavy, not too silly, not to "dirty," but a little of each, and makes you think at least a little bit, but not too much. We've also remarked on Lady Felicia's cloths -- from different points of view, of course. But all to the positive.

I miss Lady Felicia, her wit, her class and of course the wonderful clothes.


Lady Felicia gave Mrs. M a handbag just like the Duchess of Windsor's bag. Do you know anything about the brand of the handbag? Thanks!

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