May 18, 2009

Death at a Funeral (2007)

Death at a Funeral is one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time. Finally, a dark comedy done the way I like it. Of course, it helps that it's British and I've always felt that I could identify better with British humour than I can with American (even though I am basically American).

The story takes place in a beautiful, ivy-covered English country mansion. The father/patriach of a family has just died and all the family members have gathered together for his funeral. Except a "small" surprise unexpectedly turns up. And causes chaos for everyone. And hilarity inevitably ensues.


The interior design for the house is quite lovely. It's understated and traditional and very much in line with conventional English country decor. The downstairs main parlor is mostly done up in soft creams and light blues.




There is also abundant use of botanical prints, as seen of the curtains, the armchairs, and the window seating area:



Black and white prints are framed and line the wall as you go up the stairs. I like these small modern elements in otherwise very traditional spaces.


My favorite room in the house is the cozy red den/office:


Notice how the front of the door is white but the back is painted a warm olive green to fit in with the rest of the decor:


I also like how cheap trinkets are placed next to more prized objects, such as the red London telephone booth standing next to what looks like an ivory horn of some type. I also like the red paisley fabric used to drape over the table:


Casually disorganized leather bound books and the obligatory Chesterfield sofa:


Loving the vintage desk lamp and the lateral filing cabinet:


One of the several sculptural figurines on display:


I think I love the bathroom that shoots off from the den more than the den itself:


It's really amazing the amount of detail that went into this tiny bathroom. The red chinoiserie wallpaper is to-die-for and notice the floral canister, the framed photos, the toy figurines on the windowsill, and the dozens and dozens of books and magazines. Okay, I guess it's a bit gross when you think about those books being read by whoever was on the toilet but it looks like the space was used by only the father when he was alive and to be perfectly honest, I would just as likely keep that much reading material in my bathroom if I knew I'd be the only one using it and no one else can come in and scowl in disgust.



Moving on....we will now direct our attention to the wallpapers:


They are all in the beige spectrum but I actually really like them. The damask ones are subtle but effective and elegant. I also like the botanical one in the upstairs hallway.



Oh, this image below is to show you the unconventional door to the bathroom:



A quick tangent off into the bedroom. I like the bedding. The sheets/duvet is white with narrow stripes but the coverlet is a really pretty ivory silk with small tassels on the sides. And the throw pillows are in varies patterns/shades of pink:


Now we meander into the kitchen:




Hmmmm...couldn't resist posting the food:


A pantry for teacups:


Below is an dark and poorly visible image of the mudroom(?). There's a bunch of old canes and a butterfly net. And hats. And some more netted equipment which I am not familiar with...maybe they're for hunting?


And now the exterior/garden:


This is the conservatory as it opens out into the backyard:


Because we remember what it looked like from inside the house:


Away from the main house is this other little ramshackle abode. I think it's a larger version of a shed. It doesn't look like a guest house since I don't see any windows and it looks rather run-down...but I'm not sure. There are no other shots that show it in more detail.


And lastly, I adore these wire lawn ornaments/sculptures of chickens. And also, notice the interesting fence design in the background:



Oh, I haven't seen this one! I was out of commission the entire 2007 upto 2008...and 'til this day! Since the birth of my girl, I haven't been up to date with movies! Thanks for sharing!!

Where can you get those chickens

Thanks for this lovely post. Now I must see the movie! I came over to your house via "Hooked on Houses". I love to watch some films for the sets. I often spend more time studying the sets than I do following the movie. No doubt I will enjoy both the plot and the sets of this one.

Susan and Bentley

Thanks for sharing..good post

any idea what the name of the house is??? loved the house really. thanks for sharing :)

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