May 9, 2009

Nancy Drew (2007)

Disney young adult movies are just not what they used to be and I really didn't want this new production to mar the image of Nancy Drew that I've held firmly in my head since I was 11, but I finally decided to pick this movie up for the sole purpose of checking out Nancy's amazing 1950s inspired outfits. And at least on that front, I wasn't disappointed! (b/c the rest of the movie - the bad dialogue, the cheesy one-liners, the ridiculous acting, etc. - were all otherwise completely gag-worthy).

Now, this movie is supposed to be set in modern day, but I love how Nancy's retro look is incorporated seamlessly. Especially now that vintage is back in fashion, her choice of outfits really don't strike me as outrageously anachronistic at all.




One thing I noticed was her necklace, the one piece of jewelry that she consistently wears. I couldn't get a very good look at it since there were no close-ups of the piece but it looked like some sort of gold filigree charm. I've been seeing this trend a lot lately - for example, here - and I absolutely love the lady-like simplicity of this look.


She also wears a lot of browns mixed in with oranges, creams, and greens and this is an interesting, somewhat masculine, hunting-lodge-derived, contrast to her other more feminine combinations. If says to me, she's not just some cute chick who likes to skip around with a detective hat and a magnifying glass but a bold, adventurous spirit reminiscent of the female explorers of eras past. 15 years from now, she's going to grow into a really awesome woman.




I also love how her Dad dresses just like she does! Or maybe she takes her vintage inspiration from him since he always looks like he just stepped out of a Humphrey Bogart film.



And lastly, this has nothing to do with Nancy Drew's outfits, but how cool are these glasses that the old Chinese shop clerk is wearing?! I think my grandfather had a pair just like this and the smaller lens is a miniature magnifying glass used for detailed inspections. (He used to work as an apothecary so it was necessary). Now I must ask him about his pair and try to track them down.



I actually really loved the movie! The wardrobe was priceless, and I would love to get my hands on a copy of each of those outstanding outfits!

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