July 16, 2010

Poirot - After the Funeral (2006)

Hello! Salutations! My goodness, was my last post really in April?! Yikes! I hope you're all doing well. I see my little blog has picked up a few more followers in the meantime - how lovely! Spread the word, folks!

Last night I had a Poirot marathon and watched three episodes in one sitting. At 1hr 30min each, that's quite a lot of sitting! I thought I'd share a few screencaps with you while I prepare a lengthier, more detailed post on a film soon to be revealed within the next couple of weeks. The set dressing/props and costumes/styling of these Poirot episodes are always wonderful and I constantly use them as sources for inspiration.

This particular episode is called "After the Funeral" (episode 3 of season 10). Poirot was called to a country estate to investigate the death of a wealthy gentleman after his funeral. And when the terms of his will reveal that he had suddenly disinherited his favorite nephew in favor of dividing the wealth equally among his other relatives, suspicions of murder arise!

The production designer for this episode was Jeff Tessler and the costume designer was Sheena Napier. Both have also worked on the Miss Marple series as well.


Below is the same dress (from above) but the collar-scarf is now tied.

Let's bring back the silk scarf in menswear!

Interesting detail on her hat:

Another blouse where the collar has an attached scarf-tie. I love these!

Knitted blouse:

Close-up on the decoration on the hat.

Vintage hairstyle:

Another vintage hairstyle.

Not sure of the style of this hat. It kind of looks like a cloche but doesn't quite come down far enough over the ears.

I've seen this striped lampshade (left) in several of the Poirot episodes!

Lounging around, drinking cocktails after dinner.

Lovely chess set:

Green dress:

Here are a few sceencaps of the country cottage. Note the ornate Victorian chair on the left.

Dark wood paneling:

Having a sink in your bedroom was common back in the day.

Gorgeous vintage desk lamp (right):

Notice the gold clock in the background.

Tea and a good book. That is all one needs!

And there we have it, a lil' something to hold you over. I have screencaps from the other two Poirot episodes as well and I'll upload those later this week. Cheers!


you're back! yay! looking forward to your other poirot episodes!

Hooray! You've returned! Great screencaps, I must go back and rewatch this episode now.

Love this...the hats are, however, too small! The wig makes them awkward! Too bad, because it's obvious the costumer really gave it the old college try!

Loved the posts on all the Christie episodes. Look forward to more. Five Little Pigs also has some lovely costumes.:)

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