August 10, 2010

Miss Marple - Why didn't they ask Evans (2009)

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for being absent - it turns out my flickr pro account expired so I wasn't able to upload any more photos last month. I know that $24.95/year isn't that much to shell out but I already have two other personal accounts that I do pay for so I'm a bit reluctant to continue paying for this one....ugh, is that horribly stingy of me? :( Well, what does this mean for you? It just means that you will only be able to see my most recent 200 images if you browse my flickr. The screencaps in my old blog posts won't disappear but when you click on them to see a larger version, it will take you to a blank flickr page instead. I considered adding a donations button for this site and seeing how I have 58 followers, if just half of you would contribute a $1, that would take care of the flickr hosting issue...but I don't that a terrible blogging faux-pas? :-/ Well, let me know what you think - would any of you actually be willing to donate? I always appreciate any sort of feedback. Thanks!

In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with a few screencaps from a recent Miss Marple episode that I just watched. Personally Joan Hickson will always be Miss Marple to me, just as Jeremy Brett will always be Sherlock Holmes, but Julia McKenzie isn't a bad replacement. I didn't care much for the episode - it was rather confusing and may I say, kind of dull - but the costumes were gorgeous, as usual.




Beautiful hairstyle.

Nice wheels!

Cat-eye glasses, please make a come-back now!


I like her knitted gloves.


What a striking statement this single yellow rose makes against a monochromatic gray tweed suit. Don't you wish more men would pin flowers to their jackets?


Sorry to hear about your flickr pro expiring. $1 would be worth it to me if you were able to post regularly again. I know how much time it must take you for each post though. Either way just know that you're appreciated :)

I haven't seen this. The costumes are really great. Thanks for sharing.

i *think* the young in pics 3 and 4 was in the first two harry potter films, as captain of harry's quidditch team. was really disappointed he was dropped from the films as the character continues further in the books. and he's just so cute.

I;m on a basic flickr account too because I can't afford the $25, I understand why you wouldn't to pay for a third one.

I confess, I don't watch Marple, she scares me. I watch a lot of Poirot though and ogle the outfits of course!

@anon - thanks! hurray $1! will set up the donation button soon...

@mrjeffery - aw, thank YOU for reading!

@belledame - yes, you're right!! that's sean biggerstaff from harry potter, although i have to admit, i didn't notice that at first. i remember him from another movie, "cashback."

@zoe - haha! marple scares you? aww, but she's just a lil' ol' lady. but yes, the outfits are great! :-)

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