July 28, 2009

20th Century Props closes, auctions off inventory

Last month, 20th Century Props announced that it was closing its doors after 40 years in business. Their huge inventory is being auctioned off starting TODAY. It'll end on Aug. 1st. If you've ever been interested in owning a piece of film or television history, this is your chance. For me, it's always exciting when props are auctioned off b/c many of the items are unique and custom-made. You can't just go, "where can I buy that?" because it doesn't exist outside of the props warehouse. Go check out the auction HERE.



These desks were used in The Aviator (2004).

These chandeliers were made to order for Miracle on 34th St. (1994)

Here's a few more that I wouldn't mind adding into my house.

gorgeous settee used in Panic Room (2002)

ornate antique Spanish desk

Moroccan inlay, mother-of-pearl coffee table

side table with a patterned top and drop sides

wooden bench with a wagon wheel for its back

really ornately carved desk with ladies, lions, and gargoyles; was used for an Aerosmith video and General Hospital

pretty silk embroidered chair

source: photos 1-4 NYTimes; all other photos 20th Century Props auction images


This makes me really sad. 20th Century was one of the first prop houses I ever went to and I cannot believe they are closing. Other Hollywood houses are struggling in this economy too and while I am glad they are auctioning the inventory to the public, it is very sad to lose this unique resource.

yes, it's so sad to lose this prop house. i hope each of these objcets gets a new home with people who appreciate their history.

i work at an amazing bed an breakfast and we have 3 of the chandeliers. they look amazing and in great hands.

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