July 14, 2009


Out of curiosity, does anyone actually read this blog? I get a couple of comments here and there but I feel like I have practically zero readers. A post takes me a really long time and I don't mind the effort b/c I do this out of love - OUT OF LOVE, MUAHAHAHA!! - but I'd like to know that it's at least interesting to more than 2 other people out there?

I dunno...thoughts? Comments? Reassurance that I should continue?

Also, I wonder if you realize this but if you click on the image, it takes you to the flickr page where there is a much much larger version of it for your viewing pleasure. :-)


i read your blog and love it!

I'm a complete lurker - but I love your blog. I can't imagine the time that goes into the posts.

your blog is a jewel,I love it!

I read your blog all the days I can manage to (with 3 small kids to look after) and it's a real visual education for me. Thank you so much for going to all the effort.

I most definitely read, but then I've commented before so just wanted you to know I'm still reading. Modern or period films are fine by me. Just give me pictures and more lovely pictures.

I think you fill a very interesting niche. I think that there are a lot of design blogs that all say the same thing, have the same view, end up posting almost the same posts. I guess that is one of the purposes of blogging/the net, to connect people with similar views, and I guess I can see the value in that, but I personally am more interested in unique perspectives. I think that the design and fashion in films have a lot of relevance. When my daughter was decorating her home, I kept sending her to some of the more usual design blogs but what she got most excited about were some posts on some blog that showed how to recreate spaces in movies. If you were going to add anything, that would be my suggestion -- sources for similar items to recreate a look.

I do ! I buy some movies on DVD just because I love the design... so your blog is perfect for me. And it introduces me to movies I normally wouldn't see. Keep it up ;->m

Hurrah for more than 2 readers! Thanks for all your comments and encouragement. Sometimes it gets kind of gloomy when I see no comments b/c I'm always questioning whether I am just talking into a void. I just really love movies, fashion, and design and wish nothing more to share my passion with others so it's always nice to know that my obscure little blog is helpful to some people out there. :)

Norine - I agree, I have a long list of design blogs that I visit frequently as well and it does get kind of boring when I keep seeing the same photos pop up on every one. I would love to provide sources to similar items used as props but that can be very difficult because so many of those products are uniquely created for that particular movie. I also do not work in the interior design industry so my knowledge is rather limited as to where to procure actual products. But that's one of the reasons I created the blog b/c I was hoping that those readers who are in the know will chime in and enlighten the rest of us.

Again, thanks for delurking everyone!

please keep writing- it is such a fun blog!

You have lots of lurkers -- I'm one. I have you linked to my yahoo page -- even DesireToInspire doesn't get that treatment! -- but to get commentary, you need to rile up sensibilities. Can you get Palin to write an op-ed?

I agree with your stated views, I am appreciative of your attention to detail -- it would be a great loss if you did not continue to blog.

But true commentary comes when you have a divisive subject. And frankly, when I've disagreed with a post on other sites(regarding unsustainable design and well-lit clutter being presented as legit decoration, for instance) my comments were quickly deleted.

I'm sure other lurkers have other reasons for not responding openly. But that is mine. If I have a true comment -- I hold my tongue, as it wouldn't be received well. An opinion based entirely on history.


I truly adore the effort you go to, I've only just started reading today, but I am just devouring your old posts. I really love that you actually seem to review (and snapshot) old movies (and new). Your blog is classy! And I love the detail that you notice, it's like the stuff I notice that never really gets pointed out and you yearn the shot to just pause or go wide, so you can really appreciate the set/atmosphere/clothing. I've even added Sunday Mornings to me work computer favourites.

A bit late here, but I just found your blog yesterday. I don't often comment on any blogs but I truly love yours so far. I'm sure it's nice to hear feedback and honestly I usually just forget how much something like that matters when I'm lurking. I also feel lame posting comments when I don't have a blog of my own. Keep up the great work, I know we all appreciate it!

Well I was directed to your blog by the Vintage Hair community at LiveJournal and since yesterday I have read everything back to this post. I LOVE your work. It's amazing. I am simply devouring everything you post, even the modern films that I wouldn't normally consider.
Please keep posting, it's so valuable.

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