July 2, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

I know what you're going to say, but I just couldn't help myself. I admit to watching Confessions of a Shopaholic, and what's worse, I kind of enjoyed it. It came out on DVD last week and I couldn't resist. A friend of mine who has actually read the books tells me that the movie is horrid, and the beastly Americanization of the main character Rebecca Bloomwood has striped away all the depth, class, and wit of her British literary counterpart. And I can see what she means by that because yes, the movie was kind of awful in that really over-the-top, poorly conceived, screwball romantic comedy sort of way...but in spite of its plethora of flaws, I was still somewhat charmed... Maybe it's because I was blinded by Isla Fisher's adorableness and/or Hugh Dancy's dreaminess or maybe because I was just in one of those forgiving moods where I become perfectly content with allowing myself to enjoy a movie purely for its entertainment value, but irregardless I am finding the need to do a whole post on it so you'll just have to bear with me!

We begin first with the interior design of Rebecca Bloomwood's (Isla Fisher) apartment, which she shared with her quicky best friend Suze (Krysten Ritter) and her live-in boyfriend Tarquin (Nick Cornish). Rebecca's room is the pink one.

Notice the open wall shelf unit displaying their collection of beautiful colored glass (right). Also, I love the mismatching retro dining chairs, especially the one with the bright colors.

A closer look into Rebecca's room, which is horrifically girly. There are no doors to her room, meaning that the space was intended to be either a living room or dining area but was then converted into a bedroom (a very popular solution for taking on a roommate here in NYC). If you enlarge the image, you can kind of make out the extra shelving space she had built in over her bay windows to store her handbags.

The wallpaper is growing on me. I love the green silk pillow and the black one with the gold sequins (?), embroidery (?).

A closer shot of their colored glass collection.

Notice her sort of orange-ish/burnt sienna drawers in the background. I love the round golden ring pulls.

Ugh, I love this lamp!

Right: Here's another shot of the lamp, with the light blue base in better view.

I also love this lamp! Notice it's one of those vintage standing ones where the light/lampshade extends out horizontally from the base. I feel like there should be an official term for this kind of lamp - anyone know?

Loving the white bowls with the pastel colored dots. Also love the white duvet with the green bird. I remember seeing a similar version by DwellStudio a while back.

Their tiny kitchen. Love the green cabinets. Notice the retro yellow toaster and the vintage milk jars.

Another shot of their kitchen. Notice the small flat screen TV they have set up.

Another shot of the kitchen. Loving the rounded end corner shelving space, which she uses to display teapots. Actually, I am convinced that all the retro cuteness is entirely the doing of her roommate Suze since Rebecca has kind of bad taste...but more on that later.

Notice black leather chair with white trim in background. Loving this modern take on an antique design.

Notice the ornate, highly detailed Moroccan/Asian-inspired partially folded screen in the background! Love.

Now the FASHION:

My friend tells me that book Rebecca "is a shopping victim but not a fashion victim!" Book Rebecca is supposedly very classy and sophisticated. Movie Rebecca seems to have really loud, tacky taste. Not all the time but too many times for it to be not okay. I know Patricia Field, who was the stylist for this movie, is hailed a genius by many but lordy lord lord, these outfits are atrocious!

Say "NO!" to the metallic purple puffy jacket! Say no to the loud Gucci bag!

Say "NO!" to the furry orange rug forced into the shape of a cropped jacket!

Say "NO!" to the hideous bright blue tube-top and the hot pink miniskirt!

Say "NO!" to the ill-fitting blue skirt with the huge flamenco ruffles!

Say "NO!" to the blindingly mammoth anchor pendant and the bustier top that screams Miami hooker!

Say "NO!" to these monstrous pair of hot pink Gucci boots and just walk away with the cashmere gloves that you've already picked up!

Thankfully, not all of Rebecca's wardrobe was reproachable. She did have a few decent outfits. Nothing really extraordinary though.

For example, this large yellow and green Versace medallion pendant is quite interesting. And I like the black and yellow combination as well.

This black and white boucle wool coat with the oversized shawl collar is nice. I've read that it's by Morgane Le Fey but other reports say it's by Matthew Williamson. Anyone know the truth?

This black and white coat is cute too. Loving the bold turquoise colored gloves. Get rid of the pink scarf and wear a creamy white cashmere turtleneck underneath and it'd be perfect.

A slightly more toned down Rebecca. Loving the rich purple coat.

Cute teal top. Although it could do without the rhinestone studded belt.

Loving her Prada briefcase to bits! Not so crazy about the plaid cape.

A shot of the back of the briefcase.

To-die-for Herm├Ęs "Cape Cod" watch. This watch is one of my favorites of all time actually.

Another example of her tendency to wear bright colorful gloves.

Leslie Bibb (remember her from Popular and The Skulls?) plays Rebecca's archenemy Alicia Billington, "the girl with the perfect everything." Actually, I was much more inspired by Alicia's outfits than any of Rebecca's! Patricia Field kept Alicia in chic and well tailored monochromatic ensembles that were both classic and edgy at the same time.

When Rebecca first meets Alicia, she was awe-struck by her long "spidery legs" and intimidating attitude. Wouldn't you be too if you saw this alpha female strutting down the hallway towards you? The same one who just snatched away your dream job?

There were no close-ups of Alicia's outfit but I managed to find this advertising still. Loving the gold triple buckle belt!

Loving Alicia's (right) metallic blazer/fitted jacket. I love scaly woven texture. Also love the black chiffon scarf.

A wider shot of Alicia's metallic blazer which she wears with a large black leather belt.

Loving Alicia's (far left) black on black ensemble. The black pinstripe suit is gorgeous. You have to click on the image to view the detailing on the bust area.

A simple clean-cut black blazer, right? NO! Enlarge to view the button detail on the sleeves! Also, loving the chunky black necklace.

Loving her simple but gorgeous electric blue dress. Note the padlock belt.

Kristin Scott Thomas plays the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine Alette. I loved a lot of her outfits as well. For example, this jacket with the black feathered collar. Very interesting! And I love how the red and white beads just pop against the black feathers.

Loving her huge turquoise bubble necklace. And her black cape/shawl.

A close-up. She could've done without the silver fingerless gloves though.

Finally I was delighted to see Wendie Malick make an apperance as the pushy therapist at Rebecca's Shopaholics Anonymous support group. (Remember her in Just Shoot Me?) In reality, I dress the most like her character below. You know, the quintessential New York black on black, 24-7. I wish I could dress like Alicia but I don't a) have spidery long legs to pull off half her outfits, b) have that killer job and c) have the money to afford the clothes the killer job would provide. Wendie's black trench and black turtleneck, however, can be put together with any budget.



the boots are pucci not gucci

oh really? it sounded like she said "gucci" but you're right, they look pucci.

coat you were wondering about is Matthew Williamson: http://www.polyvore.com/matthew_williamson_shawl_collar_rope/thing?id=4552838

alicia's mettalic blazer is to die for!

who made it?

can someone please tell me who designed those silver fingerless gloves worn by Wendie Malick? thanks a million!:)

loooove this blog post, and your blog for that matter! i am totally with you on the ridiculous charm of Shopaholic. as a New Yorker adjusting to my new teenytiny apt, I particularly enjoy the bits on their place -- it's quite inspiring, really! ha. :)

p.s. i want to steal hugh dancy from claire dances, mwhahaha ...

that indian room divider is set between a sink and the bathtub. it's there to shield whoever is bathing. you find this in older buildings that were tenements (see "beaches"). the bathroom in the corner is actually a water closet. only the toilet and sink are closed off by folding doors.

Could anyone please tell me who designed that beautiful blue drees on Alicia? thanks a lot!!!

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