June 28, 2009

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

I'm sorry for my absence. My mother and brother both had birthdays this week and things were a bit hectic around the house (not just with the festivities but also with an ankle injury - talk about ouch). And somehow we still managed to squeeze in the Newport Flower Show this weekend on top of all the chaos.

So I just want to quickly talk about a couple of items that caught my eye while watching Stranger Than Fiction a few days ago, which btw I have to admit, I actually found quite enjoyable. I had just watched Last Chance Harvey and loved it so much that I decided to give this one a shot since I wanted to see more of Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. (Actually the two filmed Stranger Than Fiction first, realized they liked working with each other, and decided to bring their chemistry back on screen for Last Chance Harvey). But Stranger Than Fiction doesn't actually focus on Thompson or Hoffman at all and instead really stars a surprisingly tolerable Will Ferrell, who I generally can't stand...

Basically Harold (Ferrell) is this borderline obsessive compulsive guy whose dull, routine life gets interrupted by the sudden appearance of female voice in his head that seems to narrate his every move as if he was a character in a book. Turns out he is. And his character is about to meet his end unless he can track down the writer (Thompson) and convince her to change the ending. Yes, it's weird and a little bit Charlie Kaufman-esque but it manages to stay tenuously within the boundaries of acceptable eccentricity without veering too far into the land of cliché-ridden cheesiness.

Plus, I really love this Moroccan-inspired chandelier:

a closer look:

And this lamp on the right:

And this one made out of a large chunk of a tree branch is also nice. Very earthy and organic.

And a random shot of men going to work with their briefcases. Because I like briefcases. I just bought myself one. And I always tend to buy the men's styles over the women's so I always end up paying more attention to the former instead.

Update: I found the briefcase that Will Ferrell's character is carrying (far left) or well, at least one that looks very similar. It's made by Pratesi and you can get it at Forzieri.


this is one of my favourite movies! And like you I love his girlfriends apartment (and her bakery). I don't think it's cheesy at all !

I know this is old so I hope you read this. You're the only person I've found that mentions the briefcase in this great movie, but unfortunately I don't think you found the right one close but not it. There is a scene where he's in the "pastry shop" and he closes it. There is where you can tell it's not the same one. If you can give me any other suggestions I would really appreciate it

Wow only just watched this film in 2020 lol.... my eyes were drawn imeditially to the Moroccan chandeliers and tbh the whole decor of the apartment, just love the way Americans interior design their homes. Now I'm just going to try and find these chandielrs, it's funny because my Greek mother lved in Morocco for 6months when she was a young woman and im always drawn to Moroccan decor.

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