June 8, 2009

Agatha Christie's Poirot - The Hollow (2004)

I was catching up on my Poirot episodes this weekend and a few fashiony things caught my eye! These are featured in the episode entitled "The Hollow" (season 9, episode 4).

I love the idea of stenciling your upper arm like this particular character did below. I think it's a great way to add an extra, unique touch to your look and I think it's especially suitable for those languid summer cocktail parties that I'm sure all of you are attending on a regular basis (wink).


I also liked her dress with the gold sequins:


And of course, her hair:


She maintains this hairstyle throughout the entire duration of the episode but she manages to vary it according to the occasion. Sometimes she has it well-brushed and pinned and other times, she wears it loose and informal.



The small circles in the back look a bit intimidating and I wouldn't be able to do this on my own. One would need a lot of practice...




I'd not mind seeing a matching stencil on her companion -- perhaps something in a tribal line? The point of both stencil and hairstyle seems to be that somewhere off-camera (or in a small, dark room in the attic) is an underpaid woman with talent.

How authentic is the stencil? I know ladies of the time had hidden tattoos.

Absolutely love the stencil on the Bright Young Thing(she reminds me of Nancy Cunard somehow)...and your blog as well!

Greetings, Lisa! I've been a fan of your blog for so long and am so flattered that you stopped by mine!

The actress is Megan Dodds and in this particular Poirot episode, she plays an artist/sculptor. I actually really love her character in this (as opposed to her unfortunate role as an ugly stepsister to Drew Barrymore in Ever After) b/c she's so free-spirited and fun (with a penchant for driving over the speed limit) and even though she's having an affair with a married man, somehow she manages to come off really likable and dignified.

And yes, I do kind of see a Nancy Cunard resemblance. :)

Thanks for the post! I was desperatly searching for that exact hairdue!
The Poirot movies hold a LOT of wonderful things, don't they :)


I am so glad I found this! Ever since I first saw this particular episode of Poirot about a year ago, I can't get Henrietta Savernake's costumes and hair out of my mind!

Does anyone know how to style hair in this manner? Seems pretty complicated to me. I can't quite make out if the hair in the back is actually a pinned braid or something entirely different...

I LOVE watching poirot series for inspiration! Interior.. exterior, fashion, hair.. It is all gorgeous!!! The hair: It look´s like a bun made of two parisian braids, + the front part of the hair is curled and drawn back to each side of the bun..Pretty easy to make. You can youtube it to find a toturial ( youtube search "hair romance").

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