June 7, 2009

These Foolish Things (2006)

These Foolish Things is a film about a young woman whose legendary actress of a mother died suddenly on stage during a performance. She was then sent off to live with relatives in the country. When she became of age, she decides to move to London and try her luck at becoming an actress herself. This a story about following your heart and learning to believe in yourself.

Reasons I liked this movie despite it being a sappy, campy, unrealistic melodramatic flop:

1) IT's set in England, during the late 1930s and up to when England declares war on Germany in 1940. You should know by now that this war-time era is by far my favorite stylistic period.


2) THERE was a plethora of great interior design inspirations.

We start off at the comfortable country house of the young girl's relatives. I love the soft, warm pastel color palette they used (the custard yellows, the soft seafoam greens, and the light pinks, etc). I also liked the botanical printed fabric on the bed canopy. Botanical prints are essential in English country decor!



We then follow her as she moves to London and lents a room in a boarding house. It's not much but it's so cozy and charming. Reminds me of my all-girl's dorm room at university, minus the claustrophobic rose patterned wallpaper.



Below is an image of the Victorian styled parlor on the ground floor of the small boarding house. I am in love with the dark wood fireplace mantel and the scalloped fireplace screen:


Another great location is the grand country estate (belonging to the parents of a wealthy playboy who's friends with the star of the play everyone's trying to get off the ground). Call me morbid, but I loved the taxidermy on display.


Notice, more soft teals/seafoamish greens! I am really beginning to love this color.



More yellows at this bright and airy luxury hotel suite that Angelica Huston's character is staying in:


3) THE MENSWEAR got more attention than the womenswear for once.








Also, check out the briefcase. It has latches on the other side where the umbrella can be held. I couldn't get a still of it but I really want one of these b/c I hate having to carry my long umbrella separately.


4) THE LEADING actress is at a "healthy weight" and not completely emaciated like a skeleton that has recently clawed its way out from the grave.




I like the rosette detailing on the asymmetrical bands across her chest:


5) ANGELICA HUSTON makes an appearance and looks fabulous in her glamourous outfits.




6) Oh, yeah and LAUREN BACALL shows up too!


She didn't even have to act. She could've just been herself.



So there you have it. A not so good movie with to-die-for production design.


Love love love that flowery wallpaper!

Haha. I think the Victorian obsessed part of me does too but the more contemporary part of me might get frustrated with it after a while. I wish boarding houses like those still exist today. :(

Uh, could I love your blog concept any more? I don't think so. Came here on recommendation from Desire to Inspire and I'm so glad I did. I just read your aesthetics section going "yes...YES...YES!...YES!" Keep it coming!

To whyioughta - thanks so much! this blog is very new and i'm still at the learning stages of blogging so thanks for the encouragement!

DesireToInspire sent me here as well; lucky me! I plan to sift the site top to bottom.

I think I have to rent this movie and watch it with the sound turned down. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

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