July 28, 2009

Mark Phenicie handmade furniture & decorative items

This man makes his own furniture and I am so in love with his creations.

Mark Phenicie says, "One day, back in the early 70’s after I had returned home from Traveling Trough France, Italy, Living in North Africa for a year and going through Israel, India, Thailand and living a year in Vietnam as a young Marine, I decided to set out to build some of my own furniture with my own designs. I frankly could not understand why we as Americans who had access to the most sophisticated tools could only turn out what I called “Sears $49.95 junk furniture, whereas in the poor countries they were turning out detailed masterpieces." Well said, Mark!

I couldn't believe that the items displayed in the following two photos were not actual 100+ y.o. Victorian pieces. The "spiral design" that Mark employs is indeed reminiscent of furniture from that era. I am delighted to discover that there are artisans out there who still possess such remarkable craftsmanship and who are keeping the handmade furniture tradition alive.

Mark Phenicie_handmadefurniture1

Mark Phenicie_handmadefurniture2

can you believe this amazing birdhouse?! just look at all the details. unfortunately it's already sold.
Mark Phenicie_birdhouse

Mark Phenicie_lamp

a lighthouse lamp! my New England coastal roots want this so badly.
Mark Phenicie_lighthouse

Mark also has a personal blog here but there's very little about his furniture design on there, except for this entry, where I got all my photos from. And yes, all photos shown here were taken by and belong to Mark.


Most handmade furniture makers today depend on 'artistic' flourishes to make a name, and make their work pay. Hence, chairs with seat spikes! It was the professional class that once supported artisan crafts -- that ended when purchasing insurance began eating the monies that would otherwise go towards fine work -- and now, mcmansions are full of the fine work of Levitz. Brr.

I hope that Mark finds a few patrons who can make his name known.

If I had the money, I would totally be a modern Medici and patronize artists and artisans like crazy.

Hi, great blog, awesome images. Really that hammock is awesome, really i will buy these furniture kindly tell me the for buying these items..great great just great. I have seen some furniture of countries but they are very expensive UK Furniture, Italian Furniture, suggestions are welcome

All of them are very unique...the lighthouse lamp and the amazing birdhouse...each one can become a piece of attraction and envy in a house.

All are very sweet. But i like that lighthouse lamp the most in the last photo.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

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